Monday, June 15, 2009

Review of Dirty Sock Funtime Band at Ravinia, June 13, 2009

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Ada. She was a very sweet girl and she went to lots and lots of theaters. She went to a show called Dirty Sock Funtime Band at Ravinia. I got a CD. It was of Dirty Sock Funtime Band. It was a fun band.

The thing that I liked was that I wasn't scared of Mr. Clown anymore. He was a funny character. He had a pink wig. And I noticed something about him. His glasses matched his wig. I thought he was funny.

I really like Michael. And I got to talk to him. I said that I liked his scarf that he had on in the performance. It was gold, and it was sparkly. And he was the leader of the band because he was singing lots and lots of the songs. He was a fun leader.

I really like the girl in it—there's only one girl. Her name was Annie. She seemed like the dancer of the band. She was very pretty—I liked her dress. I thought that she was a very beautiful singer.

I really liked the music. They said about theirselves, "We are the Dirty Sock Funtime Band"—they sing it. They did one that was called a "No Good Reason Party"—I thought it was great. I saw a video of it on Jack's Big Music Show: it was better as a live performance. I liked it because I like how it was sung—loud. The energy was fast but I don't know why they were very fast. "A Hundred Thousand Clowns Catching Waves Day" was funny. It was funny how they sang it—he sang it very softly and then got fast. I really liked "Gazoopa" because it was about something that wasn't actually real. It was mythical. I like songs about those things. They did stuff that the Gazoopa did. We went around the place. It was fun and Mr. Clown was the leader. The "Super Spies" song was great. It made me feel very very scared. I liked feeling scared—I just like how it feels in my tummy. It was being scared like I was being scared of a play—it was not real and the way it felt was different.

There was a REALLY scary part. I got yelled at by the guard. And mom was about to say "This is a DANCE concert, man. The kids are supposed to dance at this concert. The band told them to dance."

Everybody come to see Dirty Sock Funtime Band because Dirty Sock Funtime Band is really fun. They'll feel very excited. See you some other time. Bye bye.

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Unknown said...

Dear Ada,
This is Annie from the Dirty Socks. Hi there! Thank you so much for your wonderful words about the show and all of us.
I'm sorry the guard scared you - Next time we come to Ravinia, I'll make sure to jump onto the floor faster to show the guard that we can all dance together.
I remember meeting you at the T-shirt table and want to thank YOU for coming to the show!. Take care and have a great day.
love, Annie