Friday, October 21, 2011

Review of The Thirteen Clocks at Lifeline Theater

Once upon a time I went to a show, and it was called The Thirteen Clocks. It was about a princess and a Minstrel Prince, and they were in love. It is about an evil Duke that keeps the princess in a tower, and he says that he is her uncle but, as he says in the play, "She's not my niece!" The Golux--the only golux in the world--and the Prince find Hagga to get her to weep jewels to set them on the Duke's table. It turns out well, but the end is kind of scary. But I have seen scarier. If you read the book, you are thinking about when you watch the play--how it relates to the book. It was much much much shorter than the book, but it had all the details in it. It is just exactly like it, only shorter. I think the script was really good and really funny, and it was by Robert Kauzlaric.

There are really cool puppet sequences. I really liked the one when the Golux is always doing really funny moves when he is a puppet. He like does a backflip up a wall! He hops from house to house on his hands. The puppets look like the actors; I thought that was really cool. But they can do stuff that humans actually cannot do like do a backflip up a wall. I thought the puppets were super cool and I think they should really use those puppet makers (Chelsea Warren and Melanie Berner) again.

Mildred Marie Langford played Princess Saralinda and Hagga. I also saw her in Sinbad: The Untold Tale and The Ghosts of Treasure Island and I thought her performance in both of them was really good. In one of them she was evil. In Sinbad the Untold Tale she was really evil; she asked for all of someone's blood, and that was disgusting. Princesses in fairy tales are never evil. They don't want people to be like, "The Princess is evil!" and the two-year-old girls would cry because they are really into princesses. I was really into princesses when I was two. It would be kind of interesting to me to have an evil princess, but there were some really young kids there. Hagga and the Princess Saralinda are completely different characters and that means she can play lots of different characters and is really good at them.

Jonathan Helvey played the Duke. He is kind of a mix of scary and fuh-larious. When he is scary is right after when he is talking about feeding the Minstrel Prince of Rags and Tags to the geese. When he is fuh-larious is when he says "Everybody has their flaws, and mine is being wicked" and when he says "You Golux ex machina!" That is going to be my new catch phrase. Whenever I am angry I am going to say, "You Golux ex machina!" I wonder why I didn't think of this earlier. The Golux ex machina is like a God that drops down for every good person and tells them what do do. I thought his performance was really awesome at the very end when the Todal--Shhhhh! Sorry--when the "glob" got the Duke.

The Golux was played by David Guiden and was really really fuh-larious, especially when he said "the only Golux in the world!" and hit people in the face while he turned. He kept saying, "I forget things, you know," and he forgets everything. He had an indescribable cap which suddenly was describable. It looked like an elf's with three tops on it and pompoms all around it and one pompom on top. His hat was not indescribable ever in the play, but the Golux was still awesome. He was so hilarious. He was hilarious when he said, "I am kind of tired of Witches, respecting mother."

Prince Zorn of Zorna was played by Joey deBettencourt. He was very good cast because he was handsome like a prince. The part of the Prince is hard because you have to know how to play guitar and not everyone in the world knows how to play guitar. I don't know how to play guitar, but I do know how to play violin. The scene where he was trying to get Hagga to weep tears was hilarious because he made her weep tears by doing a funny song that is about a billy goat.

Mike Ooi played Hark. Hark is the manservant of the Duke, and he is really funny. There is a really funny scene where the Duke says, "I miss Whisper." And then Hark says,"Uh...You fed him to the Geese." Then the Duke glares, and Harks says, "And I'm sure it was a very delicious meal for them." He was trying to make the Duke feel better about feeding Whisper to his Geese because he glared at him. And that means trouble if the Duke glares at you and you let him. Hark is kind of sad a lot of the time and kind of regular, but sometimes he is hilarious. The funniness comes out of nowhere. Mostly he is like, "I'm with the Duke, I'm evil." But then he can knock your socks off--with laughter.

Amanda Delheimer directed this show. I think it was a very good idea she had to have puppets for the show. I think it is a really funny show and I think this show should be for ages two and up. People who like Princes and Princesses, Goluxes, Evil Dukes, and hilarious stuff would like this show. It was an awesome, awesome show.

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