Monday, February 4, 2013

Ada Grey's 100th Play Review Contest!

Ada Grey's 100th play review is coming up, and to celebrate she's created a contest. Here's how it works.

1.) Contestants should finish this sentence: "People who would like Ada Grey Reviews for You are people who like...."

2.) Contestants post their sentences with name and contact email in the comments below by February 28, 2013. (Information will not be shared publicly. Since Ada's mom moderates the comments, she'll look at entries without posting them in the comments.)

3.) Ada's mom shares the entries (with names removed) with Ada who will pick her favorite.

4.) The winner will have their sentence posted on the blog after play review #100 and will be invited to be Ada Grey's +1 to an upcoming play she'll review in Chicago. (Sorry, transportation not included.)

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