Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review of Anything Goes (Roundabout Theatre Company / Broadway in Chicago)

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called Anything Goes. It was about this girl named Reno (Rachel York) who was in love with this man Billy (Josh Franklin) and they were both also like best friends. But Billy was in love with a girl named Hope (Alex Finke). Reno just wants her friend to be happy, so she is helping to get Hope to marry Billy. And also a man named Moonface Martin (Fred Applegate) was helping. I thought that this was a great musical because it had great musical numbers, the tap dancing was great, and the set looked so much like an actual cruise ship. This play made me feel happ,y and also there were a lot of parts that were really hilarious.

My favorite song in the play was called "You're the Top" and Reno was singing it to Billy because he felt like he wasn't good enough for Hope and he felt really bad about not being good enough. So then she decided to sing a song to make him feel better. And it went something like this: "You're the top! You're the tower of Pisa! You're the smile! On the Mona Lisa! I'm a worthless check! a total wreck! a flop! But if, baby, I'm the bottom you're the top!" It told us that she didn't want to have a full relationship with him. She just wanted to be friends because she knew that he was in love with another girl. Then he is like, she's a great friend too, and he starts singing about her in the same way. I think that is my favorite song because she is saying that he is lots of different kinds of awesome things and also because it is a really really catchy tune. She is talking about historical places and beautiful museums, plays and sonnets, and mickey mouse which is thrown in there. She also calls him different foods, which is kind of strange--but who cares! It is an awesome song!

If you like the title of this play, which is Anything Goes, I think you are going to like this song title. It is called "Anything Goes." The song is sung by Reno at the end of the first act. And it is really fun because it is a really catchy tune and there is a great tap dancing number going on while she is singing. The tap dancing was amazing because all the tap dancers were amazing and the costumes (by Martin Pakledinaz) were fantastic and everything about this number was just great. I was just clapping my hands, bouncing in my seat. I was just so happy! It was so awesome!

So the guy who is supposed to marry Hope, Lord Evelyn (Edward Staudenmayer), he fell in love with Reno because he thought she was pretty and he had heard about her all over. And he had also seen her do "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" where they used to be wearing just robes and priest outfits but then they took them off and they had super revealing outfits that had fire on them. The dancing was really cool. And "The Gypsy in Me" is when Reno fell in love with Lord Evelyn because they have this really romantic and hilarious dance. There was this one part that I thought was really funny: he was just thrown a rose from the orchestra and then he put it in his teeth and then threw it over to Reno. I thought that was really funny because he was trying to be really American and he wasn't exactly succeeding in being really really American. All the way through the musical, he is trying to be American by saying American phrases, but he is not saying them right. When he said that he had hot pants for the gangster, he was trying to just be nice, but he was actually saying something romantic to him. And also at the beginning, he said, "will you get me a cup of tea and, what's the phrase? And step in it!" But he really means step on it, not step in it. I think Reno and Evelyn did make a good couple because they both really liked each other and they were interested in each other's culture.

The main character Billy and the gangster Moonface Martin get thrown in jail because the Captain (Chuck Wagner) is excited that there are two famous criminals on the ship because he wanted celebrities on the ship but he finds out that Billy is not a real murderer. I have three favorite things that happen when they are in jail. One is where Moonface Martin sings this song about a bluebird and he has to go, "tra la, tra la, tra la. tweet! tweet!" It makes it funny because he is a grown man and grown men don't usually sing "tra la, tra la, tra la. tweet! tweet!" And number two is where Billy says, "Give me one reason to live!" and then Moonface Martin says, "cherry cheesecake." I'm not really sure if that is really accurate. There are about 25,000 reasons to live, but I'll give you two: family and friends. Those are way more important than cherry cheesecake. I only like a few kinds of cheesecake. And the third thing is when Billy gets this letter from Hope that says: "There is no hope in love. Love, Hope." It is basically saying the same thing twice, only backwards, and also he is so serious about it. Even if I were actually in jail, I might actually laugh about that.

People who would like this show are people who like music, tap dancing, and cherry cheesecake. People should go see this show because it is funny and is one of the great American musicals. After I saw the show, I had all the songs stuck in my head because they are such great songs and such catchy tunes. The dancing was super jazzy and it made me feel super happy and excited to see this musical.

Photos: Joan Marcus

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