Monday, June 17, 2013

Ada Grey Interviews for You: Akash Chopra

Once upon a time I went to an interview and it was with Akash Chopra. He is 10 years old and he is doing the play The Jungle Book at The Goodman, playing the role of Mowgli. I went upstairs to the lounge and I met him there. We had lunch from Potbelly's and I did an interview that I am about to tell you about. This was a great new experience for me because I have never interviewed anyone before.

He is from England and he currently is located in New York. He was born in Singapore. He has stayed in many different places, so traveling not a new thing for him. I asked him what he liked about Chicago. He said, "What I really like about Chicago is it's basically like New York and it's just such a fun place and I love the pizza!" He misses his family because he only came with his dad, so he misses his sister and his brothers and his mom. So he does miss his family, but he really likes Chicago and he likes how The Goodman asked him to do this project.

This is his first professional experience. He has also done Les Miserables with Kidz Theater in New York where he played Gavroche. And he also did Schoolhouse Rock! at the same place. I can see what he likes to do--which is musical theater. It was also really cool that he mentioned he had only been dancing for 6 months when everybody else in The Jungle Book has been dancing for their entire lives. I can understand that he feels like this is the hardest thing he has to do in the Jungle Book!

I asked him what he thought about the movie and the book The Jungle Book. He had never read the book, but he loves the movie: "I think it is a really nice and sweet movie about Mowgli as a kid." He likes playing the part because "he is an amazing fun character." I was wondering how this play would be different from the movie and the book, and he said, it is some of both: "I like about [this show] that they added a bit of the Rudyard Kipling and the movie and they didn't just put the movie or Rudyard Kipling."

I am going to go see The Jungle Book on opening night, July 1st. You guys should go see it too and you will get to see this great kid that I interviewed. I'm going to be writing a review of it when I see the play!

Photo: Elizabeth Elliott

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