Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review of Erth's Dinosaur Zoo at Broadway Playhouse

Once upon a time I went to show and it was called Dinosaur Zoo: Live on Stage. It was about dinosaurs and how they became dinosaurs and how they became extinct. It has awesome puppets and if you are lucky you might get to go up on stage and feed the dinosaurs and stuff. Only a few lucky people get to do that. But everybody gets to see the dinosaurs get to come to life on stage. I thought that it was pretty fun overall because you got to feel like you were at a campfire with dinosaurs all around you. You forget that they are puppets along the way.

I liked the Tyrannosaurus Rex; I thought it was cool how it still had some feathers that hadn't fallen off yet. Little T-Rexes had feathers when they were babies but this one was 5, so it still had some. I thought the puppeteers did a good job making it seem alive. And when the eyes blinked, I was like "aaaah!" I also really liked the triceratops. I liked how when it had to go offstage it made puppy eyes. If a dinosaur can make puppy eyes, this dinosaur made puppy eyes. I also liked how it would be proud when the narrator (Aimee Louisanne) was trying to explain how great they were after making a bad comment, also known as her saying, "Triceratops was one of the least intelligent creatures."

I liked the Leaellynasaura. They were so cute. I had never heard of this kind of dinosaur and that was very educational I thought and awesome. I learned that they liked to snip at each other and that they got lonely and it had to stay with another one of its kind to be happy. I thought that it was cute how they loved kisses; I don't think that is a scientific fact though. The baby dinosaurs I thought were adorable. There was a Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were all really cute, and I liked how they had to be scratched under the chin and they were all basically very happy. That was kind of a noneducational part of it--it just made you go "aww."

Here is one thing that I didn't like very much about the show. I didn't like how the narrator said at the beginning, "these are just puppets, so don't be scared" but then a little bit later she was pretending they were real. I think that might have made the littler kids scared when she said, "come up on stage and be a victim--I mean a volunteer." Little kids didn't get the joke because their minds aren't developed that way yet. There was a little boy named AJ who got very scared on stage because the Tyrannosaurus Rex was roaring and Aimee the narrator was throwing her body over him to protect him. I think she was just trying to make the audience laugh and it looks like she had no idea that it was upsetting him. But I knew he was terrified up there: he had stage fright and dinosaur fright. That made me feel scared for him that he was going to burst into tears and be really sad.

I got to be touched by one of the Megneura in my seat. They had them fly around. They are basically like vampire dragonflies. They had something that looked like giant fangs! They were awesome and I'm glad that almost everyone got to touch them. Those insects were not dinosaurs. They were something that lived around the same time. They were in the show to show you what bugs were like at that time; they were giant and had giant eyes but they basically looked like insects do today. I thought it was cool.

People who would like this show are people who like adorable dinosaur babies, awesome T-Rexes, and Leaellynasaura who aren't very obedient. People should go see this show because it is funny, has awesome puppets, and you can go with your entire family. This is a really fun show; I took my friends Lana and Maggie to it and we all had a great time.

Photos: C. Waits

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