Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review of Laugh Out Loud Theater's New Year's Eve Show 2014

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called New Year's Eve Improv Show and it was at Laugh Out Loud Theater. It wasn't centered around a theme; there were different games and then they would play those games and we didn't know what they were going to say, and they didn't know what they were going to say. I really like improv because it really shows the creative side of a bunch of actors. You can just make up something on the spot and it can be hilarious. I had so much fun at this show, and it was a great way to spend my New Year's Eve. I think it would be a great way to spend any day!

I really liked the traveling game, where they send one person out of the room so then they don't know what they have to guess. And then they ask the people in the audience to add on to what they are going to say. So when Jin Kim goes on the plane, he's going to meet the cast of Glee, not his family or friends or something. So when he comes back in, they have to say to him in gibberish and miming what he is doing. I thought that was really cool and fun. It was hilarious when Jim Vozzella started scootching around in a chair. As a first-season Glee lover, I know what the scootching around in the chair means--there is a guy in a wheelchair named Artie. Also, the audience said that there would be rocks in his suitcase. But the first time Jin thought there were mountains in his suitcase and everyone laughed, and he was like, "What?!!!" And then Jay Gish was like, what are mountains made of? And Jin was like, "Carbon?" Of course it is made out of Carbon, but also it is made out of rocks. And everybody was just laughing hysterically. And then Jin got super super angry and everyone was laughing because he was just so worked up, but when he got it, he was so happy that it was hilarious to see.

The board meeting idea was super fun because it was a christmas party at this serious workplace, but then the people who worked there were like basically insane. The leader was basically this drunk girl (Lillian Frances) who wanted it all just to be over so she can leave and go home. But before she went she had to talk about if they needed helicopters. Some people said yes and some people said no. But some of the characters they made up on the spot were just so funny. Like there was this kid from Starbucks (Vozzella) who said helicopters would interfere with the coffee making below. And there was also a girl (Maureen Winston) who really loved guns and violence. And she did want helicopters because she said they needed as much protection as possible. There was also this cowboy (Gish) who didn't have much to say about helicopters. He just basically wanted to talk about how much of a cowboy he was.

I thought that the "Home for the Holidays" game was really fun because the person who was guessing (Winston) had lost her job as a astrophysicist and of course if you had gotten that job in the first place, you probably would be able to stay with it. But she didn't, so I found that pretty funny. And, also, her boyfriend was Elton John and Elton John is actually married to a man. There were two cousins (Harz Sondericker and Gish) who came over to welcome home Maureen, and they were basically these cowboys and they wanted to show her that her boyfriend had been Elton John so they came up to her and they were sort of dressed like Elton John and then they were like, "It was like a candle in the wind." And she was like, "Oh I miss Elton John!" And that was funny. I really liked Tony Lentino's performance of the dad because he just seemed so clueless all the time. I don't think dads are usually clueless, but this dad was and I thought it was very funny.

People who would like this show are people who like great improv, fun & games, and Elton John. I think that people should definitely go see Laugh Out Loud's shows. The performers could say anything: it could be funny, or it could be just straight-up weird. The shows are a load of laughs and a great way to spend your evenings!

Photo: Laugh Out Loud

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