Monday, November 10, 2008

Ada's Review of Bill Peet: An Autobiography

Bill Peet's Autobiography.

When his aunt dies was a kind of sad part. Because if you yell too loud that means that you will die. It was scary about him working through the war.

He worked for Disney and says Walt Disney. It was a hard job and fun. I liked the Jungle book part because I have it. I liked Sleeping Beauty because I liked her dress and her hair. And also when they worked on Tinkerbell I liked her hair and her dress. It was really pretty.

It was so funny when he said "NO MORE DUCKS!"

If I was Bill Peet's kid I would say "What do you think, Dad?" if I colored Bill Peet's painting. He should have asked his dad first.

Other kids should read it because it is a really good book and has maybe some of their favorite characters.

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