Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Review of Neutrino Project at ComedySportz. November 2008.

I didn't like the puppet because he was too scary. He was kind of going silly around. And it was so hilarious when the hand pretended it still had the puppet on.

It was funny when they said Rats! Rats! Rats!

I liked the drink we got there. It was sparkly and looked like sparkly pink lemonade.

I wanted them to be on stage instead of on a movie. It would have been gooder because it would be closer and I could say hi to Lillie.

Lillie was pretty funny. Drinking out of the beer so fast was really hilarious.

I thought it was really funny when they took the objects and played with them in the scenes.

It is good for kids and grownups. Kids should watch out for the parts where they are yelling so much.

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Corey and Monique said...

I was there at the show too. Yep, you're spot on with this review. Good work Ada!

- Mo