Monday, July 15, 2013

Review of The Australian Bee Gees Show (Broadway in Chicago)

Once upon a time I went to show and it was called The Australian Bee Gees Show. There were three people pretending to be the Bee Gees. The Bee Gees are a rock band from the 70s. They are three brothers who had been singing together since they were five so they decided to make a band. There names were Barry (Matt Baldoni), Robin (Paul Lines), and Maurice (Jack Leftley). Most of their famous songs were disco music. This show is very fun and after you go see it, even if you've never heard of the Bee Gees, they will become your favorite band. After the show, I asked my mom to download all their songs onto my iPod.

The performers looked crazily like the actual people. They wore clothes that you'd think that they would wear, but they also had the same hairstyles and they did all the movements that they actually did in their concerts. I know this because I watched some of the Bee Gee's YouTube videos after the show, and I noticed that Robin held his hand up to his ear exactly like Paul Lines did in the show when I saw it. Also, Matt Baldoni bobbed his head when he was playing guitar like Barry did in the video.

There was a song that I thought was cool that was called "More Than a Woman." And it was about a guy who was in love with a girl that was not just an ordinary girl. And he was singing about that to her because he had not noticed how much he liked her until now. I really like the falsetto part of it, and I also liked the piano in the back. I also loved their outfits when they were singing this song. They were sparkly and awesome.

I thought it was very sweet how when they sang "Too Much Heaven" they all shared a microphone. It kind of showed how they had a very good brotherly relationship. They were goofing around while they were doing it; it made it really fun. Even when they were goofing around in the back, the people on stage weren't like "I am the awesomest up here." They were like "You did a great job!" to the other brothers.

There's a song called "Stayin' Alive" that I am rocking out to even now. It makes you really want to dance and do the disco. It also makes you want to sing along. You can get up and dance whenever you want at the show! The performers want you to get up and dance. You want to help them because they ask you to help them in the song! When you watch the show, even if you don't want to really get up, you're just going to dance in some way: bob your head up and down or just bounce up and down in your seat. It is so fun to get to hear this song live when usually you just hear it in the grocery store.

"You Should be Dancing" is a really fun song because it is so rocking. There is no way you can just watch; you just have to get up and dance. The lyrics are not complicated at all, so you can just sing along even if you haven't heard it. Sometimes I do like complicated lyrics, but sometimes I like to just be able to sing along. The lighting was also going crazy during this song, so I really felt like I needed to dance.

I've seen some shows lately that showed the story of a rock star, but sometimes it could be a little pointless to have an actual plot and not just make it a bunch of songs. Like sometimes they have too many scenes that tell you the same thing, like sometimes they just say "We just want to play music the way we want to play it!" and they do that a bunch of times. I liked The Australian Bee Gees Show a lot because they didn't do any of the pointless stuff. They just did amazing music. It is a concert that kind of has a play aspect to it. It has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is them doing songs you might not know as much; the middle is them doing songs you know a little better; and the end is them doing all their famous songs, and then you rock out to them. Like you wouldn't put all the amazing stuff at the beginning of a play. You make the beginning to show that every thing is normal, and then something happens, and then they have the climax.

People who would like this show are people who like rock music, amazing impersonations of the three brothers, and jumping up and down in your seat. People should go see this show because it is fun and gives you an experience like you would have if you travelled back in time and got to see the actual Bee Gees.

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Jack Leftley said...

Hi Ada,
It is Jack (I played Maurice) from the Australian Bee Gees show here. I loved your review and thank you so much for your glowing words. You have such a talent and to read how much you enjoyed our performance really touched my soul. I started at around your age doing what I do as well, so please do the whole world a favor and keep doing what you do! The words that resonate in this world are the words that come straight from the heart, I know you know it. Keep it up, love. you are a star!

Jack :)

Gill said...

Hi Ada I saw them too in vegas and they were fantastic, and your review was so good and i agreed with everything you said,