Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review of Tides by The Luna Troop at Stage 773

Once upon a time I went to a dance show and it was called Tides. It was a bunch of different short dances all put together to make one big dance show. It is called Tides because it is about moons and water. I think this show is great because there are dancers in the show that really express the movement very well and that makes the show amazing and fun. And it also makes their emotions very clear. Some of them were sad dances, like "Drowning: Ophelia," and some of them were very happy dances, like "La Mer," and some of them were in between, like "King and Queen of the Moonlight."

I really liked the dance called "King and Queen of the Moonlight" (choreographed by Sarah Heston). It was about a boy (Isaac Loomer) and a girl (Kelly Maryanski) who were in love. The thing is the girl was supposed to be kind of trouble, be he didn't care; he still loved her. It seemed like they were kind of connected for the dance. They were basically always for the entire thing holding hands, and it showed that they had a bond.

The dance for "Moonfall" (choreographed by Maren Robinson) was kind of emotional for me because it kind of seemed like one of the girls (LB Cohen) was very sick or very hurt and all that she wanted was to have some rest. Maren was carrying the sick person on her back for a long time and she just kept carrying her in different ways. At the end, Maren lays her head on the sick person stomach and it kind of seems like that she is sad that she is so hurt. My other idea is that they were such good friends that she didn't want to leave her alone.

"Cry Me A River" (choreographed by Sarah Heston) was a really fun dance. Holliwood Monroe sang the song live while Suzanne Mena Czerwinski danced to the song. I thought the singing was amazing because it was so expressive. In the song, she was saying to her boyfriend that "You broke up with me, and now you say you are in love with me again, but you have to cry me a river for me to love you again because that's what I did for you." It was very nice how she sang while there was a live dancer dancing very gracefully but also kind of angrily.

I really liked the dance called "Drowning: Dreams" (choreographed by Sarah Heston) because I thought it was very cool how they had masks on the back of their heads. There were three people dancing: Sarah Heston, Megan Heston, and Isaac Loomer. I really liked it how in the dance it was kind of like Sarah Heston was trying to get out of a nightmare basically, but she couldn't get out. They showed that she was trying to get out of the nightmare by the two other people making a cage out of their hands and her trying to get out.

People who would like this show are people who like expressive dance, live music, and sitting by the water and looking up at the moon. People should go see this show because it is very beautiful and the dancers develop characters in their dances. It only has two days left, so go and see it now!

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