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Review of 906 Theatre Company's Boeing Boeing

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called Boeing Boeing. It was translated from the French play by Marc Camoletti by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans. It was directed by Emma Couling. It was about a man named Bernard (Aaron Sarka) who had three fiancées and his best friend Robert (Billy Sullivan) comes over and finds out about this, but all his fiancées don't know. The three fiancées are Gloria (Sarah Sarka) from America, Gabriella (T'Arah Julieta) from Italy, and Gretchen (Kaelea Rovinksy) from Germany. And they are all flight attendants and a bunch of their flights get delayed, so all of them come back at once and Robert and Bernard don't know what to do. With their sassy, short-tempered housekeeper Berthe (Christine Arnold), they have to save the day and make all the fiancées not furious with him. I thought this was a very fun show. I was nervous for the characters the entire time because I didn't want any of them to find out that he had other fiancées, which was kind of dumb of him, but it makes a really exciting and awesome play!

I thought that all the fiancées were really hilarious. They were all very different, and it seemed like they all loved Bernard, but it turns out that some of them have better choices. I thought Gloria was a very strange human being. She really loved ketchup and pancakes. Her taste in food is very strange. I thought that she did a very good job of making her seem like she was the most cooperative of all his fiancées. Then, at another point, your mind explodes because of, well, I won't tell you or your mind won't explode. My favorite thing that she did was when they all started colliding and she found one of the other flight attendant's purses. And the she asks Robert, "What is this?" and then she found all kinds of womanly clothing all around and he was like, "Those are mine." And once she had found all of them, she said, "So, you're that kind of man!" And the way she said it was just like it was the most strange thing she had ever heard!

Gabriella was an Italian lady and I really liked when Bernard was saying to her they should go out into the country (because Gloria was in the other room) and then she was like, "No let's just stay here." And she got so mad about going into the countryside that she started screaming. It was insane and very funny. I really liked all the flight attendants' costumes and I especially liked the hat (by Couling) that Gabriella wore.

I really loved Gretchen. I thought her character was so over the top--in a great way. When she was talking about Bernard, she acted like her heart was pouring out because she was so happy! I loved when she got angry at Robert and said, "I am going on a valk alone." Then she stormed out of the room and she seemed so furious she seemed like she could be blowing fire if only she were a professional dragon instead of a flight attendant. I thought that all the dialects (coached by Lindsay Bartlett) were great!

I thought that Bernard and Robert seemed like they were really good friends but Robert didn't like Bernard's choices. But then he did like one of his choices and wanted it to be his own! I really liked when all three ladies were there at the same time and Bernard went into complete panic mode. And Robert had to hold Bernard down to help him stay focused so he didn't have to leave Robert with all the women. I thought they were both very hilarious. They both were very expressive but not so expressive that it was annoying.

I really loved the housekeeper. I thought that she was very funny and sassy and I want that character to be in every single play. I thought she was absolutely hilarious when they were going to have sauerkraut and sausages for dinner and she was so exasperated like it was the worst thing she had ever heard. I thought it was so funny how she had to switch the decor to a different color each time you found out one of the girls would be coming. She seems like she would be a great servant if it wasn't for her big mouth, but it wouldn't make for as good of a play. Definitely not!

People who would like this show are people who like sassy French housekeepers, airline bags, and angry flight attendants. I think people should definitely go see this show. I had so so much fun. The theatre space may not be great, because it is just the upstairs of a bar, but the acting is fantastic!

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Thank you so much for the review Ada! We appreciate it! -Emma and the cast of #BoeingBoeingFlight906