Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review of The Adventures of Tapman by Tapman Productions

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called The Adventures of Tapman. The director was Lauren Girard Forster and the choreographers were Tristan Bruns and Zada Cheeks. It was about a tap-dancing superhero named Tapman (Bruns) who was in love with a modern-dancing superhero named Modern Marvel (Kate O'Hanlon). And his nemesis is the MADD Tapper (Kelsey Schlabaugh) who has a bunch of minions called the MADD Rhythms Jr Squad (Mackenzie Coden, Megan Davis, and Alexandria Fryson). I thought that this was a fun show. The tap dancing was really amazing. I liked that they had some acting involved. Sometimes it is fun to see someone talk on stage as well as dance on stage. I think this show was tap-a-riffic and fun for the whole family!

I thought that Modern Marvel was a really great dancer and a great character to have because Tapman had taken this potion so he could be a great dancer so he could impress her. But then he found out that she was a modern dancer not a tap dancer. But then she seemed to pick up on the tap dancing pretty quickly! I really liked right after Tapman and the Modern Marvel were supposedly dead how once they came back alive, the MADD Tapper said, "But you died!" and then the Modern Marvel said, "We got better!" in this very stern and serious voice. There was one scene that I thought went on for a little too much time. It was a scene where they had a game show and they were trying to make matches for the Modern Marvel, but then she didn't like any of them, so then she just left. But the thing was that the time before she left was a pretty long time for these people to be talking to her about themselves and what their super power was. I liked how she didn't want to be with any of the people, but I thought that scene went on too long for something that didn't have to do with the plot.

The MADD Tapper was a pretty awesome super villain because she was basically like Tapman, but female and evil. She sort of reminded me of Bizarro Superman because she was sort of like a doppelgänger but she had some differences. She was similar in how her power was to tap dance really well. And also they sort of had the exact same outfit, but in different colors. Their masks were the same and they both had awesome Shazam-like belts with sparkly lightning bolts on them. I thought that the tap-dancing stage combat was really awesome because usually someone gets hit the face, but here they hit with a tap shoe in the other person's tap shoe. So it was basically like a tap block. I liked how the dance had actual contact in it because it made it feel more like you were in that world where there is a Tapman.

I thought that the "Mystic Sands of India" was a very cool dance. Tapman poured out sand onto the ground and then started tapping on it. That was cool because the sound that it made was very scratchy but it still sounded awesome. I thought that Tapman's tapping was great. It was really amazing, and you felt like tap dancing really was his super power! There usually aren't shows about tap-dancing superheroes, and I would love to see another.

People who would like this show are people who like tap dancing, doppelgängers, and mystic sands. I thought this show was very fun to go and see and it only has one more weekend in its run, so go see it!

Photos: Javier Villamil

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