Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review of Paramount Theatre's A Christmas Story

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called A Christmas Story. The book was by Joseph Robinette. The music and lyrics were by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul based on the movie by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown, and Bob Clark. It was directed by Nick Bowling with music direction by Tom Vendafreddo. It is about a boy named Ralphie (Michael Harp) and he really wanted this BB gun for Christmas. But his parents don't really want him to get one. He is trying to deal with bullies (Ricky Falbo and Reid Patrick Tomasson) and he is also having trouble not being influenced by his dad's (Michael Accardo) language. He is trying to subtly hint to his mom (Danni Smith) and dad that he really wants a BB gun and to get that he has to be good and not say anything bad about people and stay out of fights so that he can get that BB gun. It is about family, wanting something that you can't have, and the hard age of nine. It was very funny and the musical numbers were amazing. And the dances were awesome too.

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" was a great musical number. It was very funny and it was set in the 20s, which I thought was super cool. The costumes (Sally Dolembo) were really awesome and the way they danced (choreography by Rhett Guter) was super cool. I thought that Ralphie was amazing at tap dancing. I take tap dancing lessons so it was super fun to watch him bust out his moves. I loved it when Ralphie started tapping faster and faster until you could barely see his legs anymore. I liked how the schoolroom (set design by Jeffrey D. Kmiec) was transformed into the wild west in "Ralphie to the Rescue" and into a 20s nightclub for this song. They would change the door and move around the desks and they would also project on the chalkboard different things. You get to see inside Ralphie's head and you see him project what he thinks his teacher (Ericka Mac) is being like, which is mocking him about what his parents have been saying. They have been saying he'll shoot his eye out with a BB gun.

I thought it was hilarious how the dad thought the lamp was a major award. He shouldn't have even gotten it for himself, because his wife answered all the questions. And she doesn't even like it, so....she should have a say in it, duh! But it's still a good number! It was super funny to see all these girls dressed up in lampshades coming out and doing the can-can. If you know the story, you know the lamp is not the most appropriate of lamps, because it is a fishnet-stocking-wearing leg. And i find that so hilarious. I just love how much he admires it. I love the kind of ridiculous song where someone, in this case the dad, is super excited about something he doesn't need to be excited about.

There was a song called "Up on Santa's Lap," which was about all the children at Higbee's department store, which is like the Macy's of Indiana, waiting to see Santa (Mark David Kaplan). And Santa is not the "real" Santa; he is some drunk that they probably found on the street and said, "Put on this Santa suit. We lost our real 85-year-old man." I love those movies and t.v. shows where they are trying to cover up that their Santa isn't the "real" Santa and is a drunk. (And smells like beef and cheese, like in Elf, or in this case smells like whisky.) The slide was very cool. I loved how the kids would start down the slide looking very happy and at the bottom they would look very disappointed and sad. I was wondering, "What's inside that slide?!" I loved when the brother Randy (Theo Moss)just ran away screaming when it was his turn to meet Santa. I find that so true. There are so many kids, when you go to see Santa with your little cousin, who just run away screaming. Santa is pretty scary, especially if he has a flask...or a knife.

People who would like this show are people who like great tapping, scary Santas, and sexy dancing lamps. I think people should definitely go see this show. It is not for really little kids, but it is a fun family musical, and you will laugh your butt off watching it.

Photos: Liz Lauren

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