Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review of Remy Bumppo's Fallen Angels

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called Fallen Angels. It was by Noël Coward and it was directed by Shannon Cochran. It was about these two women, Julia (Emjoy Gavino) and Jane (Eliza Stoughton), who had been married for five years to two men named Fred (Fred Geyer) and Willy (Jesse Dornan). And they had been dreaming of Maurice (Joshua Moaney) who they had each fallen in love with before they were married. Maurice is from France and has just written both of them postcards saying that he is coming to visit them. They are super excited about it, but then they realize they are both married now. I don't really blame them for wanting to go with Maurice. Their husbands do seem kind of boring. It is about friendship, fantasies, and fighting your instincts. I thought this was a really great show. It was very very very very funny.

One of my favorite scenes was when Julia and Jane were waiting for Maurice to arrive. They were waiting for Maurice and trying to make it look like they ate like Kings and Queens everyday, but they end up eating like slobs, by just picking up the steaks on a knife and gnawing on them, because they didn't have any forks which is exactly what you need for steak. They have kind of starved themselves because Maurice hasn't shown up yet and they have drunken themselves into oblivion. And when they are drunk they try to walk down steps in high heels and they immediately collapse at the same time at the top of the stairs. Also they started throwing profiteroles at each other and they made a clunk on the ground which I thought was hilarious. Then they get tangled up together in the phone wire because they think it is Maurice and those gags were all hilarious. One time Jane sits on the edge of the couch and just falls completely backwards and I couldn't stop laughing. And it is really funny when she gets mad at Julia for stealing her shoes, but Julia did not steal her shoes. They were in plain sight but she didn't see them because she is insanely drunk.

Saunders (Annabel Armour) was their maid---or was she? She was a very mysterious maid because she had all these talents--like knowing how to play the piano and sing, knowing everything about golf, and being a nurse in the war--that you wouldn't have to know to be a maid. And she had a great hangover remedy too. She was also hilarious and she kind of pretended the house was her own. She kind of sometimes neglected her job and would just play the piano for awhile or go upstairs with a strange man for awhile. I wanted to see the maid's blonde hair. There is a blonde hair in the coffee and Julia is very weirded out by that, and Saunders starts tugging at her black-haired wig. It would have been funny if she took off her wig and blond hair fell down to her toes. I really wanted that. Having her in a wig made her even more weird than she was when you found out all the weird things she knows how to do or does. It would have been cool if you found out that she was actually a secret agent or something.

The last scene was so funny. I don't want to give too much away, but at the end the expression on the husbands' faces when they realize how dumb they are to have let their wives go out of their sight with another man was hilarious. They just were talking nicely and then something overcame them at the exact same time and they realized how dumb they were. This play is hilarious and not really serious, but it also teaches you a lesson: that relationships are precious things and you don't want to ruin them. So don't neglect the man or woman you are with or they will neglect you for a French person.

People who would like this show are people who like Frenchmen, suspiciously talented maids, and profiterole food fights. I think people should definitely definitely go see this show. I absolutely loved it. It was very funny and clever. The acting was great and it was so fun to watch!

Photos: Johnny Knight

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