Monday, May 17, 2010

Review of A Night at the Opera

Once upon a time I saw a movie called A Night at the Opera. It’s a Marx Brothers movie. It is really funny. Three year olds or four year olds or two year olds would like it. I think everybody would like it because it is super super super super super super super hilarious.

It is about an opera. Like I said in the beginning it is called A Night at the Opera, so it is about an opera. There’s a guy and he likes a girl but she doesn’t like him. And she likes a different boy and he likes the girl. They sing at the opera.

The Marx Brothers are Groucho, Harpo, and Chico. Chico is my favorite. He has a very bad Italian accent. He wears kind of a funny hat. It looks like an egg, actually. Groucho always has a cigar. He has a moustache and he wears glasses. He says stuff like “I’ve been waiting for you” but he doesn’t really mean it. He’s says “I’ve been waiting for you,” but he really means, “I have not been waiting for you, I have been waiting for HELP!”

That is what he really means because all these people on the ship are in his room. Harpo—he can’t talk. He honks a horn. He has curly hair and he just does what he wants and not even asks. Because he can’t talk. So he is kind of rude but kind of funny.

In the middle, Groucho keeps saying “The party of the first part” and Chico says, “No, I don’t like that.” And then he keeps going over and over again like, “The party of the second part…” “No, I don’t like that.” The party of the eleventh part…” “No, I’m going to think about it.” They are tearing the contract apart.

There was a scene and it was about eggs. And Chico kept saying “And two hard-boiled eggs.” And the Harpo would honk a horn and Groucho would say “And make that three hard-boiled eggs.” It was hilarious. And clever—very, ver

y clever.

Margaret Dumont--she had a very high voice. I wish that I was her because then I would get to be with the Marx Brothers. Because she is really famous—that’s why she is in the Marx Brothers movies. She doesn’t get treated very well—but it was kind of funny. I think I would really rather play Chico because he is just so funny.

There was a scene and a policeman was chasing them around. The beds kept going everywhere. And at the end of the scene they dressed up like an old man and an old woman and Chico was just like a chair.

The music was great and funny. Harpo plays harp. Chico plays piano. They are funny musicians. In another movie—Animal Crackers—Chico plays a song and it has lots of dings, and it goes across dings, and it is really hilarious.

At the end, two people were singing at the opera. They were super excited because they had to sing. The Marx Brothers are about to go to jail, but then the policemen decided they won’t go to jail. Harpo was pulling these ropes and it kept changing the scene. And the background went up and down and up and down. And then when this old lady turned around, he wasn’t there--he was behind the scene! That was a really funny scene.

People should watch this movie because it is super fun to watch. I think everyone would like the Marx Brothers because they are funny and kind of smart and tricky. They say funny things and do funny things like pull down curtains and ask for hard-boiled eggs in a funny way. This is Ada Grey, and I hope that you enjoy my reviews. See you some other time. Good-bye!

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