Monday, May 24, 2010

Review of Barrel of Monkeys’ That’s Weird, Grandma at the Neofuturarium

Once upon a time I went to see a show, and it was called Barrel of Monkeys. All their shows were written by big kids and little kids. They all come from a school. The actors in it are not kids; they are grownups, and they act the plays out.

There are lots of parts and lots of scenes. And now I can talk about some of the ones I wanted to talk about.

“Kool-Yummm” was good, but it wasn’t that exciting. It wasn’t my favorite. The kids just kind of got hot and that’s all. And then they sang a song. The only words in the song were Kool-Yummm, Kool-Yummm, Kool-Yummm.

“The Lady Who Loved the Library” was kind of a song—but dramatic and funny. There were like these police people who like to shut down libraries and keep them closed forever. And then she saved the library. It was funny because this guy named Tai was dressed up and he had a fake moustache on—and it was really kind of funny.

“Graffiti Argument” was about this little girl and she wished there was less graffiti in her life. Graffiti is like writing on things that shouldn’t be writed on. There was like a picture of a son and a mother and the kids in the class kept writing the names of their crews on the picture. That was very much trouble for the guy who painted the school. If you don’t know what graffiti is you can learn it from me--Ada Grey!

There was one called “The Kid Who Got Hit by a Rock” and it was about a kid played by Tom who got hit by a rock. It was super funny, like how he kept getting hit by more big and bigger and bigger rocks. Then he had to go to the doctor’s because there was a big bump on his head. And the guy who played him put his hand on his head to pretend like that was his bump. And then he had to go to the doctor. The doctor said, “you should watch out more carefully.”

“Magical Place” was about this little girl played by Dixie who had these mean brothers. She went to a place and it was called a magical place. And these little elves stood right outside and they sang right outside of Magical Place. And she said I want to stay here forever. And then they sang, “Magical Place, stay here forever; Magical Place, stay here forever; Magical Place, stay here forever; Magical Place, stay here forever.” And then she decided it wasn’t a magical place—it was a yelling place. She decided to live with her brothers. They said sorry but they didn’t really mean it. It was one of my favorites. We sing “Magical Place, stay here forever” at our house all week.

“Destroyer” was very scary. Destroyer was really destroying everybody in the world by putting his fingers out. He had a skull head, so I couldn’t tell which one he was. But I think I know it was the guy who played Eddie. Emjoy was one of the girls that got destroyed. She fell down.

“Beats” was all about beats of course—like a stomp or like clapping. It was like beats, boots, gym shoes. Clap clap clap. It was fun. Sarah was really good at that part.

The show is like Laugh Out Loud. That is a place where one of my friends Lillie works. She is the owner. Both the companies are funny. They get costumes and use the props that are already out to set the scene.

The acting was awesome and funny—in a good way. My mom calls me a kookamunga, so I think I would be good to be in Barrel of Monkeys--because they are funny! I want to be in Barrel of Monkeys when I am older and write a story for it. And it would be called “Superheroes Do Not Save Villains.” It would be about a superhero who liked to save villains, but the other superheroes thought that she was crazy. And then at the end she realizes she would like to save the world and not just villains.

I think all ages would like this play. You could just cover the little kids’ eyes at “Destroyer.” Grownups would like the play because grownups like funny. I think people would like it because it is very good and the acting is good and everything about it is thrilling. I think Barrel of Monkeys want to make everybody happy who comes to see the show. I think they think the kids who write the stories are smart and cool.


Dark Fantasy said...

Ada You're awesome! I saw a Barrel of Monkeys show yesterday and your review prepared me. :)

Dark Fantasy said...

I love your blog!