Monday, May 3, 2010

Review of Some Like It Hot

Once upon a time at my house I got to watch Some Like It Hot. If kids that are three really want to see it, tell them there is some shooting. And people do get killed. But not very many. All of the people who are killed are not nice, very mean and rude, and not athletic. Athletic means that people are very acrobatic. The boys are athletic because they can run on high heels—that’s pretty athletic.

And there is a character named Sugar Kane. Marilyn Monroe plays Sugar Kane. I think she is kind of hilarious. She waves her hand—I think it is funny because she says “just relax” to Junior who is really Joseph. I think she is a little bit athletic but not very athletic because she can run in high heels as well. Oh the dresses—they were very beautiful. They make her look very fancy.

Some of the music was very slow and some was very fast. Like the walking—it was fast and slow. Sometimes it was slow—but when the bad guys were there then, no, it was not slow. In the end they are going to hear some more about the bad guys.

The title comes from Joseph/Josephine/Junior who says “Some Like it Hot.” He’s talking about jazz. I adore jazz music. I prefer hot. He likes classical, but I like hot because I like dancing. Cha cha cha.

The maraca scene was really funny because he was like cha cha cha. The guy who owned the yacht proposed to the other man—Jerry/Daphne.

In one of the scenes there were roses--they keep getting passed from person to person from mouth to mouth. That means I should say now they did roses and roses and roses of them. Daphne and the man who owns the yacht are in it. They keep switching scenes between the yacht really (the kissing of Sugar and Josephine/Junior/and Joseph) and the dancing.

They were in a boat at the end and the bad guys were chasing them. And Sugar Kane was trying to catch up. Then this man who is actually in love with another man (at this time guys couldn’t marry guys) he says “nobody’s perfect.” That means no one is the goodest person in the whole world to marry. I think since she had the maracas and she looked excited then, that Daphne wanted to marry him. But I think in real life Jerry/Daphne had to marry one of the girls in the band. Because of the time that it is he had to marry one of the girls in the band. Or he might not even get married at all. It’s his choice so I guess he might marry the guy or he might not if it was in real life and they were still alive.

Tell your kids it is in black and white.

People who would like this would be people who like fighting, people who are athletic, and people who are funny. But just any person would like it—these are just my guesses.

The end.

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