Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CD Review of Jungle Gym by Justin Roberts.

Once upon a time I got a CD called Jungle Gym. It is Justin Roberts music. It was AWE-some.

“Obsessed by Trucks” is about a brother who is very obsessed with trucks. Obsessed means really like it. If you don’t know what obsessed means, you can learn it from me--ADA GREY! There is a movie of it, and it is really funny. A girl is lip-synching “Obsessed by Trucks.” That is funny because it is a song Justin Roberts sings and not this girl. It is my favorite song Justin Roberts has done. I like cars but I am not obsessed with them. I like groovy things and “Obsessed by Trucks” is really groovy.

There is this song “Sign My Cast.” It was about a guy who had a cast and he used to be the king of the jungle gym but then his arm got broken and now he can’t go on the jungle gym with his arms broken. It has very sad music. It has very slow music. It makes me feel sorry for the guy who got hurt.

There is a song called “We Go Duck” and it was about the game Duck Duck Duck Goose. It makes me feel like I want to play it. It sounds like Justin Roberts is playing Duck Duck Goose. Because it is really fast, it seems like he is running around.

Part of the song “Trick or Treat” was “tricker, tricker, tricker.” It was super good. It is groovy. It is amazing. It reminds me of trick-or-treating. It is fun because you get to dress up, like dress-up, only you get to dress up and go outside and get candy and stuff. He might like trick-or-treating still but he doesn’t do it—but maybe he does because some grown-ups go trick or treating. Like my mom—she dressed up as Batman for Halloween.

This song was about sleepovers and he was going to stay up all night with his friend and they would play a lot. And at the end he was so sleepy that he had to stay in bed all day. Me and Aunt Amanda had a sleepover and listened to it. I think the sleepover would have been funner if I got to stay up all night. I stayed up a lot of the night last night.

And you can go see him on stage. I went to go see him on stage on Sunday. It is really exciting. The music when you see him is louder. The music was really awesome. I thought it was like rock star music. It rained—it doesn’t rain on a CD! He did some songs which were not from Jungle Gym. My favorite song was “Obsessed by Trucks.” I sat down and sang with him. I actually sang pretty loud because I was so excited that they were doing “Obsessed by Trucks.” There is a guy who wears enormous sneakers. And they brang out ketchup so that’s why I think they were going to do “Meltdown,” and then it started raining so they couldn’t do it. There’s these funny puppets called Little Dave and Willy Whale. And Willy has a microphone—it is like a loopy microphone, so it goes like loop! and kind of close to your mouth. I wondered why they didn’t have a song about Little Dave. I’ve been to seventy-hundred concerts but I like to see Justin Roberts again and again. He is also my friend.

I think Justin Roberts should have a song about home schooling because I go to home school. Most of his songs are about school because most kids go to school and he went to school. Maybe that is why he hasn’t done one about home schooling. I think it would be good because then other people would know what other people are doing. So my friends would know I am having fun at home school. And I think there should be a song called “Obsessed by Pickles.” And I think it should be the grandpa who is obsessed by pickles because my grandpa is obsessed by pickles. I wish that I had Justin Roberts videos to watch on the t.v.

I think everyone would like this. I think grown-ups and kids and teenagers would like it. Do you like groovy things? It is really groovy. Most of his songs are about his childhood and his family. Me and my mom listen to it in the car a lot. This is the end of my review. See you next time at my next review. Bye.

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Rachel said...

Ada! I just discovered your blog this morning and read several reviews and really loved your take on things.

I was a big Justin Roberts fan, from almost the beginning of his career (he was just putting his third CD when I met him at a craft fair, and I bought them all). When my kids were little, we listened to him almost every day. Now they are 9 and 6, and my older son started liking all sorts of other music, and I realized we hardly listen to Justin Roberts or Dan Zanes or Elizabeth Mitchell or any of the other wonderful kids' music CDs. I think we might have even missed the last Justin Roberts' CD. I have all of them from the earlier years, but the last one I bought was Pop Fly. And we didn't really listen to it very much. It didn't seem as good as his other CDs.

I still think of his song "Dad Caught Stars" when I see fireflies in the summer. And every time the kids lose a tooth, we think about the song "I Lost the Tooth I Lost." Once we did lose one of Max's teeth after it fell out, but we we found it again.

We have seen Justin Roberts in concert 5 or 6 times, and both my kids used to really love him. We also like how he does all the hand motions for his songs, but my kids were too shy to get up front and dance and sing with all the other kids. We all sang quietly from our seats, though. I like that you were up there, singing along.

Because of your review, I will go and buy his new CD, because you reminded me how much fun he is. Thank you for writing it, Ada.

By the way, we are also homeschoolers, and actually, this is on the reasons I think we stopped listening so much to Justin Roberts. Even though we love his songs, we also really really wanted to hear one about homeschooling. Or even better, about unschooling. But that is really probably an unlikely thing. Maybe you should help him understand some of the things that homeschoolers do, so he can figure out what he could put in a song.

I think you should also write him a song about your grandfather and his obsession with pickles. Maybe he will record it and give you credit on his next CD. Or maybe he will ask you to come and sing it with him. Wouldn't that be fun?

Sincerely, your newest reader,