Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review of Love's Labour's Lost, Lakeside Shakespeare Company

Once I went to a play and it was called Love's Labour's Lost by Shakespeare. There was a princess in it which was the greatest part of all. She was clever. Everything was great. Moth was funny—really really funny. He was the funniest page in the whole play. He was clever. A woman played a boy which was kind of great—because I have only seen a woman play a boy in Kabuki before. I thought that everybody did a good job. Moth copied Don Armado; it was hilarious.

Don Armado was funny because of the way that he bowed to the woman—Jaquenetta—in a funny way. He was kind of Irish in the play—because he talked Irish. He seemed dramatic and happy. He was loud and quiet—sometimes he talked more melodramatic. Sometimes he didn't talk so melodramatic. How he talked was funny for the whole audience.

The Three Worthies was hilarious. Don Armado was going to tell a story and was also going to do a play. Moth played Hercules. He banged too long on a stuffed animal so then Don Armado had to stop him. Costard was hilarious. The way that he talked: like he is like "oh this is not good, this is good, this is not good."

Maria and Rosaline they were kind of like the princess. I liked how they pretended they were the other person's woman. I really liked that because it was funny—not in a mean funny way. In a nice funny way. The guy who was kind of their servant said stuff that other people had already said, and that was funny.

The King and his friends were funny. Longaville was funny because of the way he read the letters. The King was funny because of the way that he talked to the people that were going to stay with him. The King talks to his friends: "Don't stay with girls, don't go with them or stay with them or do anything with them." Berowne was funny because of the way of the way he talked to the King and Longaville. Then he made the rule that the king did.

I liked the costumes—all of them were pretty. The ladies' dresses: one was red, one was green, and one was black. Maybe they chose those colors because they were the costume designer's favorite colors. Don Armado's costume was funny. It seemed like it took place two minutes ago, not in Shakespeare's time. The director did a good job.

Everybody should come see this play. It is great because of the characters. Good-bye! See you some other time!