Monday, September 13, 2010

Review of Daredevil Hamlet at The Neo-Futurarium

Once upon a time, I went to a play called Daredevil Hamlet. It was one of the greatest plays this year. You can play ball with the actors at the beginning. I don’t know what kind of ball it was, but it is some kind of ball. I want to play if I go again.

My favorite dance was the one where they danced in their underwear with skulls on them. It was just so hilarious. It was in the scene that they were talking about Yorick—so I think that was supposed to be about Yorick. Hamlet is sad because Yorick is dead. Maybe they did that funny dance to cheer up Hamlet.

My favorite trick was the one where John held his breath underwater for it felt like a whole hour. He was dressed up as Ophelia because she is actually supposed to be dead in the play because she drowns.

At some point in the play a guy went on a baby’s tricycle and went up the ramp. And it was hilarious because he wasn’t actually doing it by himself. He was getting pushed up and they also lifted him up. It was their version of the part where Hamlet is forced to go on a ship. That’s just my opinion.

The guy who played Robin Hood and the King was from Barrel of Monkeys. If you guys don’t know what Barrel of Monkeys is, you can learn it from me, ADA GREY! Barrel of Monkeys is a show and I have been to at least six of them.

John I saw in The Complete Lost Works of Samuel Beckett…. The Complete Lost Works was in the day, and this was in the night. When you get out of a play that is very long at night then I have to go home and go to bed. The daytime play when I get home I can do stuff like play with my Dad and do funny stories with my dolls and all that stuff. But both days were good. Both were great plays. I thought John was one of the funniest actors in this play.

Brennan was very very hilarious. He was one of the most hilarious people in the play as well as John. Once he came out in a bathing suit and a little kid’s floatie. It was so hilarious, I almost laughed my head off. True story. It almost came off.

Heather came out—I think she was supposed to be in the play. It was so hilarious how she just came out and I didn’t really notice her until I heard her. She yelled a lot. You don’t want to marry someone if they have killed your first husband. I don’t think that she thinks that the king killed her first husband. Why was she carrying each member across the stage? Truly, I don’t know.

Ryan played Hamlet. He was a very good actor. All the actors were good, but he could say all his lines in feeling like I can. “To be or not to be, that is the question,” was my favorite speech because it just had so much feeling in it. Like a feeling that he knew what happened (that his father died after Yorick) and he is not going to let it happen to anyone else, but it does, and then he is sad.

The scene where Hamlet dies is the scariest. They had a swordfight. A big big swordfight. The queen drunk a cup with poison in it, so she died. The other ones got stabbed. Some of them got stabbed with their swords, some of them got stabbed with other swords. Horatio says this speech to Hamlet when he is dying. And then he does another a speech when he is dead. The dying speech is in the play Hamlet. But the dead speech is not in Hamlet. I thought they were both awesome. They were both just so dramatic. Jay was a great actor too. He could do feeling very well.

The wrestling was hilarious because some of it was kind of like in Hamlet and some of it wasn’t. 40 thousand brothers part was in the play Hamlet. The wrestling wasn’t in the play—with a coach and stuff and these numbers. I hoped that Hamlet would win it, but Laertes won it because he was her brother and Hamlet was just a guy who was in love with her.

Yorick was a very cute skull who was also a fake skull. He was very cute because he looked exactly like a skull, and skulls are cute sometimes except when they are trying to eat people. I wish that I could be closer to Yorick so I could see what he looked like close up. He looked like he was a smart guy.

It was like Shakespeare and not like Shakespeare because it was hilariouser than Shakespeare’s play was. And Hamlet is supposed to be more and more and more dramatic. It was the same because it was kind of dramatic too. The language of the play was mean and soft. I think doing Shakespeare and their own words was a great idea for the play because it made it funnier and easier to understand and harder—both at the same time. There are iambic pentameters in the play.

If you don’t know what iambic pentameter is, you can learn it from me, ADA GREY! Iambic pentameter is something with 10 syllables. So I put up one finger and then “If MU-sic BE the FOOD of LOVE play ON.” And then you should put up one finger for each syllable. You should try it at home on your fingers sometime. “To be or not to be” doesn’t work, so don’t try it if you want iambic pentameter.

I think this play is for ages 4 and up. I think people who like dramatic stuff and monsters—because there is a ghost in it—would like it. And people who are hilarious and like hilarious things would like it. People should go from all around the world, even people from other countries.