Monday, September 14, 2009

Review of Redmoon's Last of My Species

Once I went to a Redmoon show and it was very good.

The story was like they telled the story while something else was happening---there was not much talking. When they were talking they were not telling the story and when they weren't talking they were telling the story. It was a story about love. They did every acrobat bit together, so I knew they were in love.

The music was very dramatic. They sang. Some of it was quiet and some of it was loud. I liked how the drums were all made out of cardboard but they just made a sound that sounded like a real drum but they were not real drums. But they put music when they banged on it that made it sound like a real drum.

I liked all the acrobats. I liked Nate. Rani was very nice to everyone. I liked her when she sang. Scary was the part where they were hanging off the crane. Some of the acts made me want to laugh. Every part made me want to laugh except the part when they were hanging off. The announcer was sometimes nice and sometimes mean.

I really liked the masks because they were cool. They had to hold up them instead of just put them on with rubber bands. There were monkeys and skulls and people. First they were different people and then they got to be all the same person. Actually they were babies; they all got to be babies. The costumes were very swishy—the very beginning girl dress. I liked the costumes that Laarna wore. My favorite was the one she wore at the very beginning. The dresses and the outfits were beautiful. Someone who was the ensemble wore a hat and she let me try it on. The hat was very warm and was thread.

I didn't like when the lights went out as much as the rest. I liked it but not as much as the rest.

I got to climb on everything at the end of the show. It was very fun. The swing that went up and up and up and the swing that went down and down and down--those were the same thing. There was a big moon and we got to climb on it.

I love plays. It is my favorite thing to do and also playing and movies. See you some other time. Bu-bye.