Friday, April 10, 2009

Review of Twelfth Night at Chicago Shakespeare

We sat in the balcony. And the show was called Twelfth Night. I love Twelfth Night. I have a movie of it. But it is not real people it is just clay people. The play was at Chicago Shakespeare and I liked it. It was a little weirder than I remembered. Some things were not in my movie that were in the show. The things were: there was a swimming pool; there was a dark house; Viola fell from the sky instead of from a ship.

I loved Olivia and Viola because they were very fancy. And I also loved all the men cause there were lots of them. I liked Malvolio because he was funny because he wore the yellow stockings. That was a funny part. I loved Sir Toby. He was great and funny. I really loved Maria. She always had the greatest ideas. She was smart and clever. And so were all the other girls. I though that Sir Andrew Aguecheek was funny. I thought that when he fell in the water that was funny. The fight was good but I didn't notice very many stuff about it. Antonio was the one who was fighting with the other guy—Sir Andrew. The clown was funny and there were some things he did at the end—he sang. It rained. And he holded up an umbrella with holes in it. That was funny. It felt like I was at one of my friend's theaters because it was like a comedy. And my mom and dad said it was a comedy.

Something was also different from my movie. They didn't have a bench or a hole that looked like a heart. But the whole stage looked like a heart except for the part they walked on. The costumes were really fancy. I loved them. I liked the way that they looked—fancy. They had collars. I saw Olivia's dress was getting in the water and I didn't know if it was waterproof or not.

The music was very good. It was awesome. They had violins. That was also in the movie. I think the play is a little bit sad and a little bit happy. Because there is marrying and dying and thinking that some people are dead, like Sebastian and Viola.

My favorite line is: "If music be the food of love, play on." And I loved all the other lines. I loved every line there was. It was by Shakespeare.

I was the only person with bunny ears.