Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review of Green Tea Sushi Restaurant (2206 N. Clark, Chicago)

Once upon a few times I went to a restaurant called Green Tea. It was a restaurant for sushi. It is by the Lincoln Park Zoo. You go across the street from the zoo, and then you keep walking straight, then cross an alley, then cross a street, and then you turn right at the other street until you see a place for green tea. They had this kind of maki called a Unagi Q. It has fish, sweet sauce, fish, cucumber and rice in it. The kind of fish it is is eel. I like it because it has fish in it, and fish is one of my favorite foods. I love scallops! Scallops are one of my favorite kinds of fish, but I do like unagi better. Unagi tastes good because it is very sweet and smooth, and I think everyone would like it.

The miso soup has seaweed, tofu and onion in it. I like the seaweed best. It tastes kind of wet from soup—because it is in the soup. It is sweet and a little bit salty. What masago is is fish eggs and rice and seaweed. The fish eggs they taste kind of salty and squishy. It tastes like something I’ve never had before. The color of them is orange. They have great edamame there. The edamame is really good because it has lots of sweet taste in it—it tastes like big peas. That is what Uncle Brad calls them!

They have a spider roll that I have never had, so I can’t say how it tastes. The spider roll doesn’t even have spiders in it! It looks round and has this stuff which looks wet in it. It has crunchy parts in it. I think whoever likes crunchy things would like it. Dad, Uncle Brad, and my Mom and Lillie like it. I want to put wasabi on masago some day when I am older.

One of the waitresses I kind of know. We talk sometimes. I make pictures for her. She once gave me a calculator for Christmas. She once gave me cookies. They tasted like chocolate.

There are tables and a place where you can see what they are making. I like to sit at the bar because I like to see if my food is coming. I like to see what the other foods look like. I like it when they roll it up.

They have a Hokusai picture at the back. It has a big wave and people rowing a boat. They have fish decorations. They have a number thing where you try to get all the numbers correct. You move number to make them in the right order 1 and 20.

We read books at the sushi place like Magic Tree House. It entertains me. It feels like I am really at home.

This is the best sushi place because it has great sushi. I like it there a lot. It is a really good place. They have sweeter sushi. It has more realistic food—it tastes more like real fresh food than other sushi restaurants.

The people who would like it would be everybody and people who like sushi. If Lillie reads this review I am sure she will want to go there together.

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Monica Reida said...

Thank you for writing this. I've actually been looking for sushi places in Chicago and I think I'll try Green Tea after reading this review.