Friday, December 9, 2011

Review of Redmoon's 2011 Winter Pageant: The Teeny Lounge Presents...The Family Event of the Century

Once upon a time, I went to a show and it was called Redmoon Winter Pageant. The place that you go to is called the Teeny Lounge.   Your parents cannot sit with you because the seats and tables are so small only children can sit there.  I think that is why it is called the Teeny Lounge.  The parents sit in this place where there is this railing, and there is a small little slot where parents can go to get to their seats behind their children. I liked how it was actually like an actual lounge, because you got to have milk. It made me feel kind of like a grown up. I thought that was really awesome.  When you come in, there is this dress up area where you can put on fancy costumes and boas and headdresses and gloves and necklaces.  I think they had that so children could feel like they were actually in a lounge.

The show was about this singer named Ricky D. Fish (Alex Balestrieri) that has traveled far and wide and has returned back to his home at the Teeny Lounge and his friend the piano player Penny (Alice Wedoff) who can only whistle and not talk. Ricky's name is really funny because it sounds like "Ricky the fish," so then it sounds like that he's a fish.  He is not a fish; he is a singer.  He is not a singing fish; he is just a regular human.  Wouldn't it be funny, if his stepbrother called, and he was actually a fish?! At the very beginning of the show, a girl in the seats gets a secret box and then she would give it to Ricky at the end of the show.  Everybody did not know what the secret surprise was because it was taped up.  It is a very important box, but I don't want to give away the ending.  I am just giving you a clue, which is that it is very important and it has to do something about love. That is my clue.  And if you do not see this show, then you just won't know.

The songs are really nice.  My favorite song was Macalister.  I think if a girl had been singing it, it would be about how a girl was very good at baseball but all the boys didn't like her because she was a girl and they thought she would just ruin the game.   A boy was singing it and it was about the boy who wanted to be chosen to go on Macalister's team.  Then Macalister picks all these other boys and made the boy feel kind of dumb, but then the boy beat Macalister and hurt him on accident in one of his private parts.  He kind of feels sorry for Macalister, but he is glad that he got revenge.

The LaDeeDa song, it's going to be illegal to sing, but then Ricky D. Fish thinks he is about to get the LaDeeDa song, but then he gets called by his mom twice, and like two seconds apart.  And I'm like, that's just weird.  But then he actually gets the call to do the LaDeeDa song.  I liked the LaDeeDa song because it is kind of funny, because it has the words Hey LaDeeDa in it.  It is supposed to be kind of a romantic song, but the words Hey LaDeeDa are not very romantic.  It's just hilarious and so funny. The song is also kind of sad because it is all about the singer, how he won't always be there for the girl who wrote the song. I didn't laugh at the moment, but when I got home, I felt like it was so funny.

I like how Penny mimed stuff because she did it so funnily.  This is how she lost her voice: she was seven years old, and she was standing up in front of her class going to do a big long speech, but then she couldn't remember it, so then she lost her voice for a long time.  It made you feel sorry for her.  I don't know how to whistle very well, so if that had happened to me, I would be in a very bad state.  There is a really cool effect when she was playing the piano, and they were about to do the LaDee Da song (yay!), and then poof! the piano started moving. 

I liked how Alex Balestrieri was playing all his brothers.  They kept coming and, whenever another came, Penny would do a mime of what had just happened, and then she would do a little jump and be like, "ta da! and then you're here."  There was an Italian electrician, and he came to look at the lamp, and then water sprayed out of it at him, and then he started sobbing.  Then he said, "I am going to call my brother, the plumber."  And then the plumber would come.  The plumber though Penny would have a very beautiful voice if she could speak.  I think it was good idea to have that exact same guy doing all those parts because it seemed like they were brothers.

People that like music, milk, piano, and romance would like this show.  I think this show should be for ages 5 and up.  If you take a younger kid, you should probably sit with them because if you don't then they will be running all over the place, talking and stuff.  Even though grown-ups cannot get milk or costumes or sit in the Teeny Lounge, I think it would still be fun for them because it is a really fun show and the cool tricks with the piano are really awesome.  I thought it was really awesome and cool how the actors communicated with the audience.  They acted like the audience was really a character in the story.

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