Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review of Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates. It was about a detective (Megan Schemmel) who was basically the girl Friday of another detective Sam Lowell (Mark Lancaster). A girl Friday is basically a helper. But the person who actually did all the work was Bo Thomas, the girl. This show was really funny but also very mysterious. It was very suspenseful. I was on the edge of my seat--literally--for the entire show. Some of the characters were very lovable and some of them you were like "grr" about because they were so evil. I didn't just feel like I was watching a play; I felt like I was in those situations.

One of my favorite lines was when Sally (Kelly Yacono) and Bo were tied up but they had been tied up before. And Bo said, "Well, this feels familiar" because they were in the exact same position but in a different place. They were getting the knife when they were tied up, and while they were doing that they basically fell over on each other. That was really cool and funny. It was cool because they actually showed the audience the detective gadget she was using.

Usually it is the man saving the girl Friday. I liked how in this version of a detective story it was the girl Friday saving the detective. I liked how Bo taught Sam how to use a gun. I thought it was kind of funny how he was like "Please let me use a gun," and then after that he really freaks out; he's scared of the gun when he actually gets it in his hands. I think that they had not exactly a romantic relationship but more a best friend relationship. I also really liked it how they stayed friends through the whole thing and he didn't exactly completely fall for Lydia Day (Jennifer L. Mickelson). Lydia Day was the woman who gave them the mystery, and she was like a pretty rich lady.

Minerva (Maureen Yasko) was a very scary character. She was scary because she was always fighting people. She was being mean to them, but she was also physically fighting them. It really kind of makes you happy to see how wicked she is; it really makes the plot much more interesting. She is super-good at being evil. You don't feel sorry for her, but you hate her so much that you love her. There was one time when she turned around and her hair was in her face, and it was really funny because she was completely staying in character which I think is really hard to do when she just did something funny.

Bo had a very good relationship with Sally, who was the secretary at the orphanage. They were such good friends, and I wished that Sally could have always been her friend--dun dun dun! I really like the secretary-like characters in shows because when you think of secretary-like characters you don't think of them saving the world or stopping the world turning, dun dun dun! But in this show, it is people that you don't suspect that have power and brains.

Bo was a really great character because she was a very funny character but also sometimes serious. Babes with Blades shows are always all about girl power, but this was a particularly girl-powery show because even though there was one boy in this, the main character was a detective who was very smart and a girl. And the villains were girls. This is a list of qualities that I would like to have that Bo has: I would like to be able to solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes; I would also like to have a typewriter; I would also like to be able to have my own office (it indicates you are a professional, and I want to be a professional); and she is very independent but she doesn't just want to be on her own--she wants to have some friends.

I really liked the fight scenes (by JK Choreography). They were very realistic, and I was also kind of scared for the characters. I thought it was cool when Bo had already gotten hit and then Minerva went toward her with the knife and was about to stab her, but then Bo stabbed her before she could stab her. I also thought it was awesome when they held the daggers together and one of them charged but then one of them held it back with her sword. I liked the dagger fighting the most!

People who would like this show are people who like: mysteries, complicated secretaries, and evil Greek ladies. People should go and see this show because it is funny, scary, and the fights are very realistic. Girls and boys ages 8 and up should definitely go and see this show because it teaches boys and girls that girls and boys can fend for themselves but that doesn't mean that they can't have friends.

Photos: Johnny Knight

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