Friday, February 14, 2014

Review of Pigeons with Teeth's East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called East of the Sun, West of the Moon. It was directed by Amy Eaton and it was written by Jack Helbig. This was performed by kids but it was really great! Sometimes kids' productions are not that great. But I asked my mom afterwards in the car if I could join this group, so I really liked it! The play was about a girl named Siri (Sophie Jones) and the narrator was Joseph Campbell (Sebastian French). At the very beginning she told him he died, and he was sad about that--that he died a long time ago. Then Siri says, "Why don't you tell the story? It will make you feel better." The story is a fairy tale about Siri and she has to go and rescue a prince. Joseph Campbell breaks in with strange narrations and talks for awhile about whatever is happening in the story; he tells you more of the bigness of the story.

Siri had a very big family (Ava Dieden, Stevie Early, Kaidin Jarjusey, Ruth Johnston, Jesse Ramsayer, Nadia Stodder, and Peter Stodder) and they all loved her very much but they were very poor so they had to give her away to a Giant White Bear (Liam F. Winchester) and they got richness in return. I liked that the relationship between Siri and the Great White Bear was not the usual for fairy tales. It would usually be the bear was a bad guy. He wasn't mean to Siri and he didn't want to crush her and eat her bones. They played Care Bear games together!

There were three senior citizens (Ava, Ruth, and Nadia) and each of them had a thing made out of gold. I thought it was really funny when Joseph Campbell said "Old woman" and they were like, "No, no, no! Call us senior citizens!" I thought that the senior citizens were very funny when they were like, "It's the wig, girl! That's what makes us all so similar!" They literally switched off the wig onstage!

There were a bunch of different winds: North Wind (Zeb Eaton), South Wind (Peter), East Wind (Stevie) and West Wind (Kaidin). They are important because they are the ones who get Siri to the Prince (Zeb) when he's been kidnapped. I thought that their costumes were really cool. (I also liked both of Siri's outfits.) When Siri gets on the winds' backs it is really heavy for them because she has all these magical golden objects. That was really really funny.

There was a princess with a foot for a nose (Auden Dieden) and I thought that she was hilarious! I loved how she acted like a valley girl; I thought that was really funny! The evil stepmother (Stevie) was also really funny because she acted like a very fancy mother. She was like, "How much do you want for that golden apple?" I liked how Siri was very nonchalant whenever the princess with a foot for a nose and the stepmother were asking how much did she want for that golden magical object.

When the Prince was asleep, a Magic Bee (Journey Early) came to him and started talking to him. I thought the magic bee was adorable. I liked how she didn't go over the top about being the bee. The Prince seemed to really like Care Bears. Because he used to be a bear, I thought that was funny. Maybe he liked Care Bears so much because he used to be a bear!

People who would like this show are people who like Bear Princes, Joseph Campbell, and magical golden objects. I thought that this was a really great show and I really liked it. Saturday is the last show, so go and see it!

Photo: Amy Eaton

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