Monday, March 31, 2014

Review of Corn Productions' Bat-Hamlet

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called Bat-Hamlet. It was not a batty Hamlet, it was a Bat-man Hamlet. Nananananananana Nananananananana Nananananananana Nananananananana Baaaat-Haaaamlet! It was written by Jordan Pulliam and directed by Kallie Noelle Rolison. It was about Hamlet (Matthew Lunt) becoming Bat-Hamlet. And he had a sidekick, Songbird Boy (Raymond Hui), a.k.a. Horatio. They have a bunch of enemies: King Jester (Lucas Thatcher), Lord Puffin (Patrick A. Pantelis), and Lord Riddles (Pete Navis). They correspond to Claudius, Polonius, and I have no idea who Lord Riddles is. Bat-Hamlet Girl, a.k.a. Barbara (Kalina Kitten McCreery) was Gertrude. O-Feline (Kelly Schmidt) was Ophelia and Laertes (T. Isaac Sherman) was Green Laertes. I thought this show was hilarious and I loved it. It fills in all the thoughts that you might have about Hamlet and how it can be Bat-manned up.

I loved the scene with Lord Riddles trapping Bat-Hamlet and Songbird Boy. I loved how as his threat he used a king cobra with a hand grenade in his mouth in a jar made out of ice. I loved that because it was like the weirdest thing you could ever try to kill someone with. He could bite you and then it would be like BOOSHSHSHSH! But not until the ice melted. But of course the grenade could explode before that and you wouldn't really need the cobra or the ice. You could just have the hand grenade (or the cobra) but instead they put them both in the jar of ice with a hand grenade in the snakes mouth! It was more like Batman that Hamlet. That sounds like the weirdest episode of the old t.v. show, which I actually watch. And I love it.

Ophelia and Barbara having their fight was awesome. It was awesome because it was very breathtaking as well as you also at that same time figured out Ophelia was O-Feline which I think was the most kick-bottom thing in the world. They were amazing fighters and the fight choreography (by Orion Couling) was awesome. I also really liked the fight with the Jester's thugs Jingle (Lindi Blake Jones) and Jape (Emilia Hodges)--I would mention Jest (Derik Iverson) but he was dead already--and Bat-Hamlet and Songbird Boy. At first Songbird Boy and Bat-Hamlet were being beat, but then Songbird Boy did the splits and punched them. I thought that was really awesome because usually it is like, Bat-man saves the day! But this time it was like Songbird Boy saves the day! All of the thugs come to a gruesome end. My favorite one was when Jape was killed by a killer muffin because that was another way that no one would never ever think somebody would ever die by.

One of my favorite characters was the Unnamed Guard (Rory Leahy) because he was just so hilarious and it was like even he didn't know his name. I loved it when he said, "What shall be next for the unnamed guard? Shall he find love? Shall he go on a daring adventure?" There are definitely characters like this in most Shakespeare plays. Like Bernardo in Hamlet. He just tells you what's going on, but sometimes when I see actors playing roles like that I kind of see in their faces, "please, give me some more lines! give me a name! anything!"

O-Feline (a.k.a. Ophelia) was basically my favorite character. She was awesome. My favorite character in Hamlet is Ophelia and my favorite character in Bat-man is Cat-woman, so my mind was blown. Booshshsh. At the beginning, she invited her kittens to come and keep her company, and I thought, "That doesn't make sense." But then when she came on in the O-Feline suit I was like, "I perfectly understand why there were cats back there." I also liked how Laertes was like, "Yeah. I'm the best big brother in the world," it was basically like a teenage brother. I don't have one, but that is what I imagine a teenage brother would be like.

I loved it how Fortibras (Jade Landry) came in at the end and was like, "Hey! Everybody! Who wants to come have a drink with Fortinbras! The entire royal family is dead! Wooooo hooooo!" Then he walks off doing a crazy dance move. It is like an exaggeration of the end of Hamlet. At the end of Hamlet you feel sad and Fortinbras comes in and is like "Hey everybody, I'm going to take over now, ok?" And this was like an exaggeration of that.

Hamlet and Bat-man you wouldn't think go perfectly together. I was worried it was going to be super bad, but it was not at all. It was awesome. They do go together. Hamlet and Bat-man are actually very similar people. They are both very dark, they both have a mixed-up girlfriend (one because she's evil and one because she's crazy), they both have a sidekick/friend, and they are both seeking justice. Sometimes they could have done even more funniness. I thought it would have been cool if Commissioner Gordon and Alfred were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Like Alfred-stern and Comissioner-crantz.

People who would like this show are people who like mind-blowing transformations, awesome fights, and a jar made out of ice with a king cobra inside with a grenade it its mouth. People should go see this show because it is awesome and hilarious. I was laughing basically throughout the entire thing.

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