Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review of Kokandy Productions' Tomorrow Morning

Once upon a time I went to a show and it was called Tomorrow Morning. The book, music, and lyrics were by Laurence Mark Wythe. It was directed by John D. Glover, with music direction by Kory Danielson. It was about a young couple, John (Neil Stratman) and Kat (Tina Naponelli), and an older couple, Catherine (Teressa LaGamba). It is about love, forgiveness, and how hard relationships are. This was a fun show that still had a lot of strong feelings, and I enjoyed it.

I really liked the song "The Reasons Behind Our Impending Divorce" because it was a catchy song but at the same time it was pretty sad--but slightly funny too. It was very complicated, and that's why I liked it. The song is Jack and Catherine singing about why they are getting a divorce and also at the same time about why they don't want to get a divorce. And on the other side of the stage Kat and John are madly in love, and that provides tension and sadness, because you see that they are so in love that they can't think about anything else, but the song shows you that love can fade over time, which is sad but true. I thought that both Jack and Catherine's voices were amazing and that they accentuated their feelings in the song. What they were saying was very powerful.

"The Secret Tango" was a very funny song. In the song, Kat was worrying if she would fit in her wedding dress and look beautiful enough on her wedding day and also making a lot of dieting jokes, which I thought was funny. One of my favorite lines was that she would get up in the night just to eat a Snickers bar. But my absolute favorite was how passionately she would sing about ice cream. Basically what she kept talking about was all the food she wanted to eat and it made me hungry. And then you find out the reason later why she is so hungry all the time, though I figured out why before they told me. I think that it is ok that I figured it out though, even though it is related to the big reveal at the end of the show, which I also figured out early, because the show is not really about the big reveal but about the relationships between the characters.

I also really liked the song "Look What We Made." I thought it was super sweet. It is about how beautiful their kid is, or will be, and how no matter what they are going to love that kid even if he becomes annoying or is mean to them. It is also about all the good things about the kid. I thought this was one of the most emotional and moving songs in the show. Both the dads who are singing the song are not very happy people at the time, but to see this glimmer of hope is really touching. I don't identify as much as the parents in the audience probably did, because they know what it is like to love your child so much that you would do anything for them and no matter what you would still love them. That doesn't always happen in romantic relationships, which is the point that the show is making. Romantic relationships don't always work out, but when you have a kid the most important person in your life changes to that kid and you have to do everything for that kid.

People who would like this show are people who like touching songs about parenthood, powerful voices, and passionately singing about ice cream. I thought this show had really talented actors and it was fun to talk about afterwards. I think that people who are actually married will identify with it and enjoy it even more than I did!

Photos: Michael Brosilow

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