Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review of Wilson Wants It All at the House Theatre

Once upon a time I went to a play—it was called Wilson Wants It All and it was played at The House. If you would like any instructions on how to get to The House, just call us and we will give you directions. How they treat you is very nice, and if you want to talk to anyone, ask me and I will ask one of my friends if they can get you into the backstage. The actors come out of the backstage and come up and talk to people before the show starts. I liked that. If you ever get hungry we might have something we can eat together. Someone gave me chocolate and they might give you chocolate some time. If you like you might go to the café and they might have something you would like.

My friend was in the first movie. She played a baby and she really was a baby. And she played a girl named Hope. That is one of the sisters; their names are Ruth and Hope.

The sisters traded places and you see them trade places but the good thing is that they are not really naked—they have an underdress on under it. I could tell them apart so I knew they were not really twin sisters. I loved their performances—they did have funny conversations sometimes.

The guy who played Remy is really funny. Remy is kind of funny but the other characters in the play don’t think he is funny in the play. One of my favorite lines was “Hey, I think I got this straight now!”

Wilson thought that everything would be all right if he lied, and at the end something bad happens to him. His performance was very good because he did a very good job at playing mean. I loved his character. It was the best character in all the play. I liked that sometimes he was nice and sometimes he was mean—I thought that was really cool.

I liked the mom. She was very nice. I do know kind of why she was nice all the time—because she wanted to be very nice to Wilson, but when she found out he was lying all the time she got mad. She got mad because Wilson lied to her, but she didn’t know why he lied.

Bryan is very nice. He helps Wilson. And he likes the sisters.

Abu plays a news reporter and so did Emjoy and Maria and Joey and Elana and Michael. They were really funny. The part of Greg was really funny too. There is a part where he keeps going back and forth and then just stands there and Abu says you have to go back and he goes back. Maria’s news reporter was really enthusiastic. I liked all the news reporter scenes. Why, do you ask? Because all of them are funny because almost every news reporter is funny. They moved around very funny and Greg just goes around back and forth, back and forth and it was very funny. And I think you would think it was funny too.

Almost every costume had a button on it to show their love for the government. I think the star is the chip. The chip keeps them from having babies. The costumes were red and black and white and yellow. They looked very realistic. They looked like they were from a different time.

One of my favorite scenes was a scene where Hope was at work and Remy gave her flowers. In the scenes there was something I think you would think is funny but it wasn’t funny to me. It was the ad that Remy made. I agreed with Ruth—she didn’t like it. She says that is what someone did before he killed Lincoln.

They put in a part where they said, “What shall we do?” “I don’t know.” and that was the end of the play. It made a better ending than in previews because if they didn’t know what to do, there might be a sequel. That’s what the director might say: “I think there might be a sequel.”

It is supposed to be teary, so it is okay if you cry, but you have to hold it in until the play is over. I would like this play even more if there was less violence. People who like to cry would like this play. And if they are nice they would like it. If you are interested in culture you would like the play. I loved it!

The end.

(Photo by John Taflan)

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mrohd said...


I think I speak for all of us at Wilson when I say we are honored that you took the time to attend and review our production.

Thank you for the thoughtful review, and you have definitely got us thinking about a sequel.

If you have any ideas about what should come next in the story, please, tell us.

with great respect,