Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review of Damine Kabuki Troupe performance at Art Institute of Chicago 1/10/09

At the Art Institute we saw a sign hung up on a stand and it said Kabuki. So, we got tickets for it. And then we thought it was a good idea to go because we called my Dad.

At first there was one with some girls playing girls and a boy playing a girl and a boy playing a boy. I was surprised that girls played girls because Kabuki has men playing girls sometimes.

They wore dresses and these little socks on their feet.

I liked that funny thing where the husband thought it was the servant instead of his wife. Because that was just funny. She was hiding. And there was something funny when the servant was under the blanket and he was sitting in the chair and his legs wiggled because he was so frightened when the wife patted his leg.

Then there was a princess one with a fox. And a husband but you didn't see the husband. And there was an older girl and a smaller boy. And one was playing the fox. He was nice and there were these policemen who were scared of the fox but he was a nice fox. And the princess liked him. I liked the part where he hopped? He put his hands in fists to hop.

I would like to see a Beauty and the Beast and Snow White Kabuki on my honeymoon.

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