Monday, January 26, 2009

World of Wheels Car Show Jan. 23-25, 2009

We went to the car show with Aunt Amanda and Grammy and Grandpa. I could be a judge in it! It was really fun. We wanted to see my uncle's car in particular. You could find anything there. And there were lots of funny things and scary things. Like one with a sword and a bow and arrow and a skull. That was pretty scary!

There was one that reminded me of Mike from Monsters. Inc. I love how he shook her in his arms and told him to put her back where she came from. And in the takeout scenes he says throw up instead of grow up.
There was one that was greater than any one else. It was a purple carriage and I had a little class about it. I had my uncle and my aunt and my mom and my dad and my grammy and grandpa were in the class. Well, they were pretending to be kids. And it was so much fun.

There was one with a mummy that moved its eyes and said Ahhh! Well actually it was a statue in front of a car. And you had to stand in line to get in. There was one car about a little boy monster and there was a movie there and there was comic books—well really it was a movie of the comic books but it was still interesting. There was a Batmobile that was created for Batman in the comic books. The Batmobile you could take a picture with it. It was not as much fun as the comic book movie but it was pretty fun anyway.

Well that's not all, everybody. Well there is some more of my story but if you don't see the rest that is ok. If you never see it ever that means that you will never be able to see it ever again. If you live in Canada you could still see it, but never mind, let's get back to the story.

Uncle Brad won the first in the class. He might win every day. And Aunt Amanda needs to go to work everyday, well not everyday. She doesn't need to go there when I am supposed to come over to visit.

And there was a car you could go into the car. We were looking for one of those. There was a really big truck. We got to take a picture under it with Uncle Brad and Aunt Amanda, of course. Something that was very fun was there was pogo sticks. And there was a kid up on stage. Well, never mind, lets get back to the cars. So, you could go in a car. So you could go in some of them but not all of them. There was paint right on the car it was not actually ice cream but it was paint and it looked like ice cream had melted on the car. Other people should go to this car show because they have cars.

(Thanks to Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brad for the pictures!)

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