Friday, January 9, 2009

Review of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman on PBS Kids Go

Fetch! was pretty good. There were great contestants. They did a great job because they did a great job at making a toy. There were some boys staying behind and some girls going. And a few boys did some great projects. There was making a Fetch toy who did a good thing. Well it didn't actually do anything but the other one (that Ruff Ruffman had)did some things. It did anything that he said--like ice cream headache. There was really great contestants. They were so great. The toy-making ones. There was great stuff that they used to make the Fetch doll. There was gooey and bouncy things to make a toy. I think the polymer was the girl who made it. You need to just put them in something that looked like Ruff Ruffman and then it would be all ready once they got to the Fetch! House. Other kids should watch Fetch! on PBS Kids Go because it has a dog. If some people are allergic to dogs they may not watch it. If people are allergic to cats they may not watch it because it has one cat in it.

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Unknown said...

Nora and Price love Ruff Ruffman! Nora toyed with having a Fetch! birthday party, but the weather is too iffy. Hope you all are great!